he new music video of Mertkan Erkan, which is on the air with the MC label, "Even My End" was shot with iPhone 13 Pro Max.
The music video, directed by Dr. Berat, who is still continuing his education at the Konya Dilek Sabancı Conservatory, and which stands out with its image quality, was shot using only iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Dr. Berat has been designing music videos with his own image perspective for about three years. He aimed to design an Istanbul Retrospective in the video clip of Even My End and present it to
the audience with a contrasting character selection. In the music video shot with the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the smallest details were captured with the Macro shooting feature. Mertkan,
who edited the clip with an iPhone, added that this helped preserve the functionality of the captured footage. The clip's edits were made using only the CapCut application. Dr. Berat : "In this clip, where the camera is currently used and fixed plans are few,  iPhone  provided us with the opportunity to take the images we want with great comfort and high quality images,
thanks to its incomparable ease of camera movement and its success in stabilization." Tight spaces and street shooting made easy In the clip, directed by Sadık Buğra Yavuz, the design of the space, color and atmosphere was chosen with great delicacy. The Cinematographer states that the Ultra Wide Camera feature of the
iPhone 13 Pro Max provides portability in narrow and dark places and the ease of taking high quality images in low light. Mertkan states that shooting the new music video with the iPhone 13 Pro Max provides them with great comfort in terms of time in the field, entering tight spaces that are difficult with the camera,
and being able to shoot comfortably in crowded streets, and it is preferred because of these functions. Mertkan shared the excitement of bringing his new single, Even My Sonu Bile, to music lovers: "It is very fast and powerful to convey an emotion to the masses through music, especially when
the listener shouts a word you wrote in his own car or at school, you feel that you have accomplished something." says.

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