Finland to help Ukraine with seized BTCs

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After Russia attacked Ukraine, millions of dollars in crypto-focused donations were made to Ukraine. This time, another step came from Finland. The Finnish government is considering donating the Bitcoin (BTC) it seized in criminal operations to Ukraine.

The Finnish government has found a new address for the Bitcoins it seized from investigations. The government can send the BTCs it has seized to Ukraine.

According to Finnish media outlet Helsingin Sanomat; The amount of Bitcoin to be donated has not been determined yet, but it is stated that the potential price may be around 77 million dollars with the current value.
In addition, according to the information obtained; The Finnish government has seized 1,981 BTC (approximately $78 million). These Bitcoins were seized by the Finnish customs authorities in investigations related to crimes such as drugs and drug trafficking.

It should also be noted that the country's courts want to order the transfer of these Bitcoins to the state and turn these BTCs into cash. However, sources also state that the country can donate Bitcoins directly to Ukraine. Additionally, according to other undisclosed sources, the decision to actively use Bitcoin assets to help Ukraine has already been made.

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